I swear, nobody gives enough credit to the relationship Erwin and Hange have together. Their ship is small, and one can only hope they interact more often in future chapters, so we can have an influx of eruhan fanworks and fans.

Though they’ve only talked to each other a few times, and have been shown together only a few more, it’s definitely a more important relationship than anyone seems to understand. Despite the fandom saying it’s Levi, she’s got to be the closest thing to a “right-hand man” that Erwin has. She is constantly shown at his side, after all. During the meeting, she was the only one of the seniors that was shown attending. And in the attendance, she stood specifically right next to him, in the same space she’s always shown when following him in battle, basically at arm’s length.

While it’s true that he trusts Levi, the fact she’s the one chosen to be by his side says something crucial about their relationship. Not to mention, the difference in interaction between Hange and Erwin, and Levi and Erwin.

Levi and Hange both question Erwin’s decisions at times, and address him informally(and he does so back). But the difference is in Erwin’s interaction with them. When Levi offers insight on what he thinks they should do, and criticizes Erwin’s actions, he tends to dismiss them. For example, when Levi questions Erwin’s order for him to restock, all he says in response is ‘do it.’ 

However, when Hange questions him, even about the same thing, he goes into depth and explains that he ordered Levi on what Hange told him in the past. And that last part is even more crucial— he admitted he listened to and soaked in her theories. While others would leave or get tired of her theories, Erwin listens to every bit of it and uses it in his tactical decisions. Even when she’s lying on the ground, unable to get to her feet and probably having brain trauma with the wounds on her head, Erwin still crouches down, listens to her theory, takes it to heart, and leads his troops accordingly.

If that’s not a true example of a right-hand man, I don’t know what is.


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  1. the angel of water
  2. the angel of night and day
  3. the angel of thunder
  4. the angel of fish
  5. the angel of music
  6. the angel of embryo
  7. the angel of rain
  8. the angel of sky
  9. the angel of horror
  10. the angel of night
  11. the angel of red clouds (sunset)
  12. the angel of strength
  13. the angel of birds
  14. the angel of uterus (?)
  15. the angel of freedom

Kaji Yuki, Yoshimasa Hosoya – Drunk Shion


The drunk!Shion scene from the Drama CD, translation under read more~ Enjoy!

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Fluorite looks like a chunk of the night sky.

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