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Raws credit: sakura-chiyo
(Iffy) translation credit to me

The other alternate story for chapter 45 given in the fanbook (first one is here), taking place after Wakamatsu is talking to Hori about Seo’s boyfriend (aka Kashima). Kashima’s gender still isn’t cleared up even with Hori there (more like no thanks to Hori), Kashima is jelly of her precious senpai laughing with someone else (little does she know it’s because of her), and Seo becomes an unreliable messenger as Kashima and Waka start fighting over “Senpai”…


it literally stresses me out how much good music there is that i still haven’t listened to


I’m trying to find the right kind of blue in these waves. it’s in between the white it’s so beautiful I hope you can see it


東京喰種JOKER by 玉子とじひの

Permission to repost given by artist.
Interviewer: If you could date one of the females in Naruto, which female would you choose?
Kishi: I feel weird answering that because they are characters that I created.
Interviewer: If you were female, which male character would you dat-
Kishi: Shikamaru.

Nine and Twelve.


sitting on rooftops as time goes by